Cover Every Customer Touch Point With Salesforce

salesforce-customer-experienceSalesforce is the most popular CRM platform in the world. It’s reliable, in-depth and rich in features. The platform has become the choice of hundreds of businesses across industry verticals. Being cloud-powered, it brings speed and flexibility and helps businesses automate processes and systems with effortless ease. The best part, it can scale up with the business bringing complete customer management solution in the process. So, no matter in which industry your business operates, you should get only the best CRM to help your business expand and grow in the desired manner. Continue reading


Give Your Business the Edge of Salesforce

Give-Your-Business-the-Edge-of-Salesforce-300x154Salesforce is the domain-leading CRM. It boosts the capabilities and competencies of businesses across industry verticals. This is an award-winning customer relationship management tool based on cloud and rich in features. It lets businesses streamline their processes, automate their operations, store all customer information in a single place and ditch manual efforts. It helps boost the sales and marketing activities and it gives businesses a 360 degree view of customers. You can benefit your business with any of these five services, including –

Implementation & Consultancy
You can hire a certified expert to avail implementation & consultancy services. In this services, experts will not only build the CRM but also customize it. So, you will get a CRM system matching to your exact specifications and requirements of the business. These experts will consult your business and help it grow.

It’s time to maximize your investment in Salesforce. This can be done by availing integration services. So, let the CRM get integrated with more systems and databases within the organization. This is how you can spread the benefits of the domain-leading product and positively impact different aspects of the business.

Managed Service
Managed service becomes important for those businesses that want to get more form their Salesforce CRM. This service is about focussing on the core business and letting experts everything else, together with replacing the internal system admin. So, trust experts and you just managed the business as it should be.

Professional Service
Don’t you have a CRM system in place? Do you still use Excel to record information? Well, this a recipe of disaster. You are making your business inefficient at a time where others look to be efficient. What’s is the way out them? Without delay, you should avail professional service and get the business back on the track.

No matter how powerful and effective a CRM system is, limitations are bound to happen. This limitation is not on the front of technical inadequacy rather it arises when businesses scale up. Which means, when they grow, their CRM often falls short of a bit in meeting their exact requirements. This is when development service is needed the most.

Conclusion :
In overall, your business should benefit from Salesforce Services London to boost their efficiency and performance at the same time. So, trust only a right partner and right services and let your business get the most out of Salesforce.

Leverage Salesforce CRM Platform and Grow Your Business Manifold

Salesforce-CRM-Platform-300x200.jpgSalesforce is the brain behind the world’s most popular and most extensively used CRM software. The company has set up new benchmarks in innovation and its cloud-based products are hailed for their effectiveness. It is committed to helping businesses leverage the best enterprise software in the world and realize their true potential. The company wants businesses to benefit from its customer relationship management tool and boost their capabilities and competencies notches up. To do so, you will need a reliable partner offering services as varied as implementation & consultancy, integration, managed services and development of Salesforce CRM.

Let’s look at services that will help your business benefit from Salesforce CRM in the best way possible:

Implementation & consultancy  
Hire an experienced, reliable and certified Salesforce partner to implement a feature-rich CRM and grow your business. Your partner can deliver top consultancy services and enrich your business with ways of better management and organization. So, implement the CRM as soon as possible and take your business forward.

Salesforce integration tends to be challenging and complex but when done by experienced partner, it can be amazingly rewarding. Integration can take the virtues of Salesforce across processes and systems to give a thrust to your business. So, trust a reliable partner to get a scalable and effective integration of your CRM.

Managed services
Your business needs to get managed services if it wants to maximize the return on Salesforce investment. Such services work in a manner where a dedicated team of experts take care of all the requirements and challenges that Salesforce brings. With managed services, your business will enrich by an efficient and powerful solution delivered by experts.

Although Salesforce is world’s leading CRM platform, your business may still need further development to accommodate future needs and meet with operational challenges with ease. This is where your business needs to hire a dedicated team of experts to create codes and apps specific to the business. With development services, no business will be able to leverage Salesforce fully and as a result, maximization of return on investment won’t be possible.

Conclusion :
In overall, your business must need certified experts to get the maximum out of Salesforce CRM. Your business will need a reliable partner that has experience in delivering Salesforce services London to clients across industry verticals. So, go and find a partner that meets your needs fully and helps the business grow.

5 Reasons why we SHOULD reinvent the wheel when implementing Salesforce

In any Salesforce implementation, the temptation is to try and replicate existing business processes verbatim within the architecture. However, when we lead with a business analysis approach we can take the extra mile in one stride – realising further benefits than initially envisioned because of the following drivers:

1. Our current business process complexity may be redundant
When we take a bicycle to the shop to get its brakes upgraded – we don’t leave brake calipers and old cables on the bike if we have added disc brakes. It’s the same when implementing, as it is an opportunity to envision a leaner, more efficient way of working that saves everyone in the company from the tyranny of bureaucracy.


2. It’s a socially enabled platform
Email is so ‘last century’. Compared to’s inbuilt social communication platform Chatter, it’s like using smoke signals rather than a telephone. Email is not automatically contextualised and associated with other key data points, the information required may be held by someone not on the email chain. With Chatter we can hitch our reigns to cutting edge collaboration capabilities and easily relate information to pertinent data points, and escape from being snowed under by irrelevant emails clogging up our inboxes.

3. It lends itself to process experimentation
Disruptive innovation is the idea that businesses should disrupt the competition by innovating a new product or way of providing services. You now have a lot of businesses with established practices and processes jumping on this jargon wagon, executives putting pressure on middle management to ‘be disruptive’ and ‘foster innovation’. All of this is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, because the organisation is asking its employees to change how they behave and think without changing the underlying systems and process structures that nurture the legacy way of thinking. If we want to be disruptive in the marketplace, we need to continually disrupt our own way of thinking and working first. allows us to swiftly put this value into practice with minimal business impact, through its phenomenal development, customisation, and re-architecting capabilities.

4. We can automate the ugly stuff.
We all have those chores that we have to do, yet somehow become the bane of our working day – because they suck up our valuable time from those aspects of our jobs that are meaningful and provide shared value in an organisation. A implementation is a superb opportunity to automate the hell out of these chores – whether it be automatically sending emails; updating records and fields; or creating and assigning tasks to colleagues based on progress through a business process.

5. We can engage and inspire all of our stakeholders.
In many implementations we come up against the challenge of making the system useful for all stakeholders. It’s no use setting up a system that is only useful for the CEO, and all other staff are left with an overly complex and clunky system that makes a government department look like the epitome of efficiency. When we take all stakeholder priorities into account (As per the radar chart below), not only can we ensure that these are reflected in the functionality – each stakeholder can also interact with the system in a way that is customised to their requirements.


Resource : CloudSocius

Salesforce – What Records Can I See?

Salesforce-What-Records-Can-I-SeeWhen working with what people can see within Salesforce there are four key considerations and in this blog we will work through each one of these four, exploring how they control what users can see within Salesforce (not what they can do – this is controlled by user profiles and permission sets)! The four key features controlling what people can see are as follows; Organisation Wide Defaults (OWDs), Record Ownership, Role Hierarchy and Sharing Rules.

Organisation Wide Defaults
So let’s start at the top with OWDs. OWDs can be found under Setup – Security Controls – Sharing Settings and with OWDs you have four options; Private, Public Read Only, Public Read / Write, and Public Read / Write / Transfer. The best advice here is to lock these down so they are as restrictive as possible – but of course still let people do their jobs! So if we take a look at an example of a Case record within Salesforce. The question you need to ask yourself when setting up OWDs is do you want users to have the ability to see and edit all case records (Public Read/ Write), see all records (Public Read) or just have the ability to modify cases that they own (Private).

Record Owner
Why is record ownership so important? Every record within Salesforce has an owner (either a user or a queue) and this impacts on who can see the record! If a system admin was to import a number of accounts in to Salesforce and set themselves as the owner of all of the imported accounts and your OWD is set to private then none of the true owners of the account records will be able to see these records due to a combination of the record ownership and the OWD.

Role HierarchySalesforce Role Hierachy Salesforce – What Records Can I See?
The role hierarchy is similar to a company org chart (but please remember that these two do not always match!) The role hierarchy will show you within Salesforce how your users relate to each other when assigned a role. A role within Salesforce can have one or multiple users. In the example to we have here two users at the same level, for example the director, channel sales and the director, direct sales would not be able to see each other’s records if the OWD was set to private. However staff higher up in the hierarchy would be able to see records owned by users beneath them in the hierarchy.

Sharing Rules
There may be occasions where the OWDs need to be extended. This is where sharing rules can help! For example members of the services team may need to be able to view all case records when they are closed. Therefore if your OWD for cases is private they would currently only be able to see their own records. A sharing rule can be based on criteria and state that any case with a status of closed can be viewed by any member of services team role. When using sharing rules your only option is to open up access further and not to restrict access! So there you have it. The four key considerations and features to use when setting up your Salesforce instance to ensure that your users can see the right records at the right time! Understanding not only these four in isolation but also how they relate to each other is key in having a secure