The Salesforce1 World Tour comes to the London ExCel on May 21st and with so much to see, do (and drink) it is vital you plan your day so you get the most out of it! With stalls as far as the eye can see and a multitude of pens, key rings and furry toys being handed out by company representatives the question stands; what companies should I visit come the big day (that’s May 21st if you’d forgotten!) First things first though make sure you have signed up for the event here (registration is free!) –

Who To Visit (In No Particular Order)?

1. NewVoiceMedia

NewVoiceMediaThere are many reasons to go and visit NewVoiceMedia other than the fact that last year they were handing out fresh coffee to guests. Although that is a good reason lets take a look at some of the others… NewVoiceMedia announced last year that the solution is now compatible with the Salesforce1 Mobile App – meaning that sales and service representatives can now stay connected with prospects and customers from any location, safe in the knowledge that their calls are being recorded and logged in Salesforce. Check out the video here –

The guys and girls at NewVoiceMedia also know how to throw a good party come the evening so make sure you visit in them in the day and make some friends!

2. Conga

congaA quick read through Conga’s reviews on the Appexchange should provide enough reason for a visit to the ‘Conganeers’ at Salesforce1 World Tour.

Conga is probably the app we not only see installed the most in our customer’s orgs but also utilised the most. The reason for this? Well Conga provides you with the ability to, at the click of a button to generate proposal, quotes, account plans, invoices, receipts and the list goes on. These documents can be presented in a number of different formats (Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Html Email templates).

With Salesforce1 capability, users can generate any document or report from either their browser or their mobile. The documents themselves can then be emailed directly to whomever, automatically downloaded, sent for e-signature or stored in Salesforce, Google Drive or Spring CM.

Why should you have to draw up a proposal after you have already entered all of the necessary information in to Salesforce already? Well with Conga, at a click of a button you will no longer have to. Conga is as popular as it is for a very good reason, so they are well worth a visit! Take a look at some of their customer stories for some ideas on how Conga can help you create efficiencies in document and report generation –

3. DocuSign


So what is Docusign and how does it work? It’s pretty easy! Firstly send your document to those recipients who need to sign, date and initial the document. The recipient(s) can click on the link in the email and follow the tags on the document which will tell them what they need to do and where! You can then manage your documents that are out for signature! You will have visibility of where each of your documents are in the process and can send out reminders and get notifications at each and every step of the way! Your documents are then saved and stored as required… So if you send out documents for signature I suggest you drop a visit to the DocuSign team!

Most importantly though, if you see one of the CloudSocius team wondering around the event then come and say “hi”, we are a friendly bunch (in the most part!)

Resource : CloudSocius


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