Supercharge Your CRM With CloudSocius

So you’ve decided to invest in the world’s most comprehensive CRM, what’s next? How do you develop the platform to maximise both user adoption and return on investment? That’s the question we find many new Salesforce customers asking! Well, luckily for you, asking a registered consulting partner such as CloudSocius about these issues and reading this blog are the first steps towards a successful implementation and continual development of Salesforce for your company.

The beauty of the Salesforce business model is that by outsourcing implementation and development work to registered consultancy partners, the length and breadth of Partner knowledge is ever increasing. Thus, the support for a Salesforce Organisation no longer stops with Salesforce, but extends to the vast knowledge of the Partner of your choice.

CloudSocius are a registered Salesforce consultancy partner who specialise in helping companies realise the potential of this unique platform. This is achieved by offering two separate but complimentary services; Professional and and Managed Services. The Managed Service arm, aims to allow Salesforce customers to leverage the knowledge of our certified administrators for their own platform development. The administrators at CloudSocius have the competitive advantage over internal system administrators due to the nature of our multi-tenanted service – one member of staff controls the development of a number of orgs. The benefit of this to our customers is that we can call upon our diverse range of user stories, to ensure we recommend best practise and help tailor a development of your Salesforce organisation that is specific to your business processes.

We find that the reason many new customers join our service, is that their internal administrators lack the innovation to match the development of Salesforce – with its 3 annual system updates. That’s where, as a Consulting partner, we strive to keep abreast of innovation, we prioritise knowledge sharing across the company and we ensure our staff are highly qualified on the Salesforce platform. The end goal for the Managed Service is that we provide our customers with slick, specific and user friendly solutions to their everyday Salesforce problems and enable them to achieve outcomes they never thought possible.

At CloudSocius we realise that no two companies share identical business processes, even those competing in the same industry vertical. Based on this understanding we have the freedom to really understand your business processes, the logic behind those processes and how you wish them to be replicated within your Salesforce environment. We get so acquainted with your business, that you will feel as though this partnership was formed on inception of your business and it is this attention to company practise that sets CloudSocius apart from other companies offering a ‘similar’ service.

Through no specific intention on our behalf, the Managed Service has developed deep understandings of many other products used to complement Salesforce. From platform specific tools such as Pardot and, to mass mailing tools and recruitment applications – we have a detailed understanding of the uses of many of the AppExchange’s most popular apps. By leveraging the knowledge of your assigned Champion, CloudSocius can also help you to develop a more rounded business solution on the platform.

Still need more convincing as to our powers? Visit our website at or get in touch with us personally…I’m sure it’ll be the start of us supercharging your Salesforce development!

Resource : CloudSocius


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