Marketing Automation Vs CRM What Is The Difference

Batman and Robin Marketing Automation vs CRM What Is The DifferencePardot and Salesforce – The Powerful Pair
There’s a lot of hype around Marketing Automation, and as a Marketing Manager myself I understand why. Marketing automation is ultimately a tool used to nurture leads using highly personalised and targeted content. Just like a plant that needs water, light and attention, leads need the same love and care to nurture them into business customers (or blossoming flowers in the plant example).

But whilst there’s a lot of talk of Marketing Automation, there is also a lot of confusion. Especially with the overlap between your CRM and your Marketing Automation tool. What is the difference? Do I need both? The answer is yes! Your marketing automation tool without your CRM is like Batman without Robin or Mario without Luigi.

Basically they are both excellent individually, but put them together and you get something really special!

CRM And Marketing Automation
Your CRM and Marketing Automation tools complement each other, and when integrated can achieve great things! At CloudSocius I use Pardot(marketing automation tool) and Salesforce(CRM) so that data can be passed between the two in real time. One of the main benefits I have found in doing this is it allows us to see all activities with a prospect from the moment they were created, right up until the opportunity closes.

Think of Salesforce as the sales tool, and Pardot as the marketing equivalent. Integrating between them is a great way to close the loop and increase efficiency between the two departments.

pardot-vs-salesforceWhy Have Both?
Better Leads
We’ve all heard of the tensions building between marketing and sales from poor lead quality. Integrating data between Pardot and Salesforce it is possible to automate the lead assignment process, so only marketing qualified leads are passed to the sales team. These marketing qualified leads can be determined by the prospects score and grade based on their interactions.

Behavioural Tracking
Find out even more information on your prospects; which pages are they viewing, what content are they downloading and what it is they are really interested in. With all this information logged the Sales reps can tailor their phone calls and make them more personal!

Drip Campaigns
Another great feature of marketing automation is drip campaigns. The insight on where the prospect is in the buying cycle is highly valuable, as Sales reps will know not to waste their time calling those who are not ready just yet!

Sales Can See Everything From CRM
There’s no need for the Sales reps to log into the marketing platform to view all this information. That’s the beauty of the integration – they can see it all in real time from Salesforce CRM.

Ultimately your CRM is a database, and the marketing automation piece is what enables you to communicate with your information in that database. Whilst we covered just some of the benefits, it is important to remember what else is involved when integrating a marketing automation system such as Pardot with Salesforce. Be clear to communicate to both Sales and Marketing what the purpose of it is and define the goals and results you want to get from the integration. If you clearly plan your integration and have everyone on board, you can expect to see proven ROI.


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