Social CRM – The Social Media Revolution and Its Impact On CRM Systems

Salesforce-ChatterThe regular development of Salesforce has allowed the platform to make many valuable additions based on trends and feedback. Such is the rapid rise of Social collaboration – this idea was embraced by Salesforce and has now become one of the lynch-pins of their CRM model.

Be it with the use of the Salesforce1 mobile app, or with the use of the heavily marketed Chatter functionality, Salesforce are actively promoting the use of collaboration within their database. Therefore I had no choice in altering my mentality towards what I saw as a nuisance functionality. My embracing, was initially tentative – with a reluctant creation of a Chatter post using an Autolaunched Flow. This was the moment, I suppose you could say, my online Sociophobia abated – in fact, I became hooked. I was using a combination of Process Builder and Visual Flows to create Chatter posts for numerous related objects. Obviously, all of the updates were of relevance and were used to meet a specific business requirement. However, much similar to an adolescent teenager using Twittergram to keep the world informed of their daily routine…just in-case they decided to make a radical decision and take the number 8 bus rather than get the tube. I was enjoying the creation of posts.

The Process Builder feature of Salesforce now has the built-in functionality to enable the creation of a Chatter post from the triggering of – essentially – a Workflow rule. In short, when a record is either created or edited to meet a certain criteria, the ‘Process’ triggers and a Chatter post is automated. The contents of this Chatter post can be as complex, or as simple as required. A more complex Post can reference variables that have been collected using the Flow functionality. A simple flow can reference the fields and values from the triggered record.

The Chatter post is also a more relaxed method of informing users of any alterations made to the record. It allows chains of related posts to be grouped together in a ‘Conversation’. What’s more, security settings can be enforced on the post to restrict or enhance the visibility of posts based on the record ownership. Chatter posts that relate directly to Users, either by being ‘@’ into a message, or due to record ownership, are visible on the User’s home page. The massive advantage of this, is that when a User logs into the system, they are immediately alerted to any updates to the records they have an active interest in.


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